Culture and Partnerships

Navigating the Culture

The main gaps to fill are the cultural differences and accepting everything will not always go as pictured.  This is a challenge for even the smartest minds on the earth as everyone’s perception is different.  What might seem obvious to one culture may be difficult for the other culture to understand.

We must fill the gap of partnering with organizations who are committed and seek common ground through each organizations vision.

We have the experience and connections to turn this into reality, but in order for this to work we need experts in every area of each aspect of the project.  Many projects fail or never grow due to being average.  We will succeed through holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and intelligent smart partnerships.

Potential/Current Partners

Mayor San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – Rosa Elena Bello, Family and her Foundation

  • HOLA has been doing extensive work with Mayor Rosa Bello and her foundation Patricia Claeys.  She is someone we are able to trust and able to get any project done fast helping many US natives navigate through cultural differences.  We are able to get the best deals and local help from her to the point she has donated much of her land for the cause.
  • Key to have people on the ground who are influential.
  • Her Biography is Amazing.  She has worked for the people since she was a little kid and grew up poor herself.

Georgia Institute of Technology 

  • Enterprise Innovation Institute – Ernesto Escobar – Program Manager, Entrepreneurial Partnerships
  • CODA Building partnership
  • Georgia Tech Faculty/Staff Experts on each relevant topic
  • Georgia Tech foundation Partnership to contribute to building, program development, new innovations, campus that is able to adapt to the environment and natural causes, donation of equipment/supplies, using the model building as a case study allowing the students to learn as well as the professors to try new ideas while teaching the students/teachers in Nicaragua hands on.
  • Partner with HOLA – initial setup of advances programs, Refining our original campus structure – 3d model of building – can be a project for the school as the Isthmus of Rivas, Nicaragua is one of the best places in the world to begin a project for a self-sustaining campus.


GEBG (Global Education Benchmark Group) 

  • Collaborate with other bright minds and universities to set up programs and curriculum.


Nexus – Will Fluharty – Graham Young – New Schools – Cape Henry Collegiate

  • Emersion programs with the students and implementing online programs to make this a truly global campus – Ex. We have already implemented and shown proof of concept through streaming classes from the Nicaragua High Schools to High School in Virginia Beach, VA and other cities across the USA/Globally.
  • We have started the vision of beginning streaming classes with new schools in Virginia Beach and beyond.  We have started working with Princess Anne, Kellam, Talwood, Cox, and several other high schools in the area.
  • We work with Sister Cities and are able to collaborate with our sister cities high schools through the same Skype immersion programs including Norway, Peru, and more.



  • Monetary Donations through our connections as well as Supplying jobs for our transition students.


Operation Smile

  • Magee – Fund and Build (through the help of Advanced Engineering) a research and health care learning facility on the campus.


Hillier Ignite  

  • Luke Hillier – Sharing a common ground vision and working with Hillier Ignite to transition into the new model schools and take them to the next level just as they have done with Hogar De Fe Orphanage in the outskirts of Managua.



  • Transition Program – HOLA has always been a part of Orphanetwork.  HOLA has several members who were key in starting Orphanetwork and who decided to have 2 separate organizations.  In a sense Orphanetwork was HOLA and HOLA was Orphanetwork.  Many programs have lasted with Orphanetwork and to this day we work together on programs we started together including the transition program.  Orphanetwork is perfect to be in charge of the transition home and facilitate in the students getting jobs.  HOLA has been giving $12,000/year to Orphanetwork to run this program and will grow this program in the future at the new global campus in San Juan Del Sur.


Rise Against Hunger

  • Food Program – Help supply food across the country as well as teach the students about the future of food through modern growing and storage techniques.

The Baltimore Orioles, Dennis Martinez, Al Bumbry, Steve Bumbry, Travis Willson

  • Sports Facility and Life Wellness Center – State of the Art sports facility funded through Baltimore Orioles Corporate Sponsor program as well as individual efforts allowing them to create an environment for the students to learn through sports and understanding the importance of Personal Wellness.


Pharrell Williams and One Hand to Another Foundation – Collaboration through inclusion and new opportunities.  Bringing organizations together through spreading awareness.


Old Dominion University

  • Online Scholarship degree programs as well as teachers mentoring the students.
  • Global Exchange program

Sister City Association of Virginia Beach – SCAVB and San Juan Del Sur partnership

  • Set up programs between San Juan Del Sur and Virginia Beach to be mutual beneficial and create an environment of cultural understanding as well as equality.  Work with sister cities to implement the exchange programs, which are already taking place, connecting all of the sister cities and collaborating with each other.

Grupo Coen

  • Participate in supplying resources both monetary and physical.  Key group on the Nicaragua Board for the Future Global Campus.

The Inertia

Zach Weisberg and team play a key roll in publications, marketing, spreading awareness, and global development.  Holding the groups accountable for discussing areas that are not comfortable to avoid unforeseen setbacks.

Grupo Siman 

  • Monetary Donations and regular needs Donations – Clothing, regular appliances, bath, kitchen, etc.

Staff at the Pentagon

Journalist from The Inertia, Huffington Post, NY Times, and much more.

Advanced High School Teachers in the USA

Other Universities including ODU, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, James Madison University, MIT, Harvard, USC, Oxford University and much more.

The people of NICARAGUA – From the richest to the poorest we have interviewed thousands of people in the host country and worked with them for over 20 years.

The people of Latin America and other parts of the world to broaden our thinking.

Local Business’ in Nicaragua from successful surf entrepreneurs (NSR – Nicaragua Surf Report) to families such as Carmen Newman, Dennis Martinez, and others who are actively helping their own community.