Who We Serve


The HOLA Campus for Advanced Global Research and Education will serve students from all of Nicaragua and around the world.  We will begin focusing on the surrounding area, but eventually make it a research/Training facility for teachers and the top students who receive scholarships for higher education.  This is the model that many of the top Latin American countries follow with successful school systems.  We have live streaming language and cultural immersion classes that will connect students around the world including HOLA’s US home base schools in Virginia Beach, VA.  These students travel through the HOLA exchange and internship programs which is structured through many years of proof of concept through actually successfully leading these trips and communications.

The scholarship program will begin after we have built sufficient classrooms and have established a curriculum that warrants a program of higher level thinking.  Depending on the size of the community in Nicaragua the children will compete for a chance to go to the HOLA Campus for Advanced Global Research and Education.  Part of the scholarship will include returning the favor to the student’s community, searching for a job/internship, and repaying 50% of the scholarship loan back to the program.

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The area of Nicaragua is not very large with the majority of the people living on the pacific coast and Managua.  Nicaragua has a population of over 6 Million with over 1/6 of the population concentrated in Managua and the majority of the rest of the population living in or near cities along the Pacific Coast near Managua.  The population of Nicaragua has a very high concentration of ages 10-25.  Most students do not stay in school after 6th grade because the lack of teachers who have graduated high school and because they are forced to work in the markets and streets.  The HOLA learning center is in an area that has the ability to get students away from the city where they can concentrate.

Despite being one of the poorest countries in Latin America, Nicaragua has improved its access to potable water and sanitation and has ameliorated its life expectancy, infant and child mortality, and immunization rates. However, income distribution is very uneven, and the poor, agriculturalists, and indigenous people continue to have less access to healthcare services. Nicaragua’s total fertility rate has fallen from around 6 children per woman in 1980 to below replacement level today, but the high birth rate among adolescents perpetuates a cycle of poverty and low educational attainment.  These statistics alone make the Learning Campus and location the perfect area.


The HOLA Campus for Global Education will be the first school of the future with smart home + living structures totally off the grid yet self sufficient where the students learn by doing.  The buildings will be completely managed by AI or Artificial Intelligence.  Temperatures, lighting, will be automatic or can be changed by simple voice commands.  The Campus will have the most advanced teaching methods in the world, state of the art programs, real life classes including Entrepreneurship – Hospitality Management – Advanced Engineering – Culture – Chemistry, Physics – Geology/Volcanology – Geothermal Energy – Humanities – Biology – Languages of the world including Computer coding – Advanced agriculture methods – the future of computing – healthcare – sustainability – self-awareness and much more.  The Students will be engaged with students from all over the world through live streaming class sessions, able to physically travel through the global emersion program HOLA Nexus and practice their skills in real life scenarios through electric rooms built for simulation.  This will all be made available to all the people of Nicaragua and scalable throughout the country and world.  When our main campus is complete we will build future schools in the areas of most need including places like Vera Cruz, Ciudad Sandino, La Chureca, Bluefields and eventually other countries.